living out In the country….suck!!!

There’s some pretty nice thongs about living in the country side….bit not having WiFi is not one of them.

I sucks being stuck at home with not WiFi, I’m so used to the liveliness of the City, the sound of it, the hustle & bussle of everything that make Los Angeles, Into LA.

But here in the country side there isn’t anything to do! I’ve got no friends either, they are all back in LA….& I thought, “Okay….maybe it won’t be so bad.,..” But I feel like I seriously can not handle it. I’m not used to being caged up…& it’s driving crazy…but my husband doesn’t seem to really care…

Okay so yeah sorry, I have no WiFi & really bad cellphone service so….yeah I can’t really use tumblr. FML!!!!!

Finally moved away

So my husband finally moved away from LA, and I totally miss it. I’ve Never Felt So Lonely IN My life! It really sucks it’s only been like 4 days and I’m already home sick….but it’s what we need to do for the sake our family, it’s just very lonely…. :(